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Highlite Fitness Kelso Creative Client

Services provided: SEO Newcastle, Web Design Newcastle and Web Hosting Newcastle.

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Highlite Fitness

Built by Kelso Creative

Kelso Creative Client (Justin Humphries)

Services provided: Web Design, OnSite SEO and business coaching.

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Old Website

Justin’s old website was a single landing page built on Wix.


Old Website Justin Humphries

New Website (homepage):

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New Website Justin Humphries



Vintage Peacock Kelso Creative Client


Vintage Peacock

Services provided: SEO Newcastle, Web Design Newcastle and Web Hosting Newcastle.

Julia from Vintage Peacock had established a successful wedding decorations business through social media. But, she needed a website for several reasons. Key reasons include:

  • Display a large range of wedding decorations and supplies
  • Expand her market reach
  • Make it easier for clients to hire the items, book packages and hire styling services
We developed a Google-friendly website with an online store. This made it easy for her clients to pick their items and request an accurate quote. You can read what Julia’s Google Review here.

Advantage DJs Kelso Creative Client


Advantage DJs

Services provided: SEO Newcastle, Web Design Newcastle and Web Hosting Newcastle.

Advantage DJs was created by Brendan Kelso in 2015 when he was studying laws and public relations. Brendan built the website and digital strategy. Advantage DJs is now the #1 ranked wedding DJ business on Google search in the Hunter Region of NSW.

The website receives an average of 40 new client enquiries every month. This is incredibly high for a niche wedding business in a regional town.

Kelso Creative was created for several reasons. One of these was because of the demand for Brendan’s services after the success of Advantage DJs.

Becky Married Me Kelso Creative Client

Services provided: SEO Newcastle


Rebecca had successfully launched her business. She was receiving steady leads and new bookings. Unfortunately, her SEO strategy was almost non-existent. This contributed to a poor Google ranking.

The main issue was time. Bec also had a full-time job. Therefore, she lacked the resources to learn about SEO.


Boost Bec’s Google ranking to increase leads, conversions and business reputation.

What We Did For Her

  • We created loads of backlinks on multiple platforms. Most of her competitors will never even bother to do this. This will put her ahead of the pack for years to come.

  • Meta title and meta description were optimised based on in-depth keyword research

  • We made numerous tweaks to her website and improved upload speed. This made her website more seamless to use. Google rewards websites that engage the user for longer.

  • We ensured her website was mobile-friendly. Over 50% of people browse the web on their mobile or tablet. This number increases every year. Therefore, every business needs to have an outstanding website on all devices.

  • Optimised her Google Maps listing.

  • A variety of other measures were performed to improve her SEO.

  • Provided general business guidance, tips, tool and advice.


Becky Married Me is now ranking on the front page of Google for her main keywords. This has significantly increased her leads. Overall, the project was a huge success and we wish her all the best.

web design newcastle

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Services provided: SEO Newcastle, Web Design Newcastle and Web Hosting Newcastle.

Janey’s Alibi was a Newcastle wedding band that parted ways with its booking agent. Thus, they needed a powerful website that would allow potential clients to find them.

Brendan created backlinks, optimised onsite SEO and many other things. 

Long story short – Janey’s Alibi outranks the two main booking agencies in Newcastle. These are established businesses with expensive websites and digital strategies.

Janey’s Alibi receives countless enquiries from people who want that ‘perfect’ wedding band.

Visit their Website

Services provided: Web Design Newcastle and Web Hosting Newcastle.

The lead singer from Paperboy approached Brendan after seeing the work he’d done for Janey’s Alibi. His band needed a website that would receive more traffic and provide more conversions.

We focussed on developing an open and engaging website with advanced onsite SEO fundamentals.

This included in-depth market research and a competitor analysis.

Paperboy is receiving regular traffic and high quality client leads.

We’re particularly proud of the modern and open design of their website. It loads fast and is responsive on all devices.

Newcastle SEO, Web Design and Web Hosting

Paperboy (Wedding Band)
Paperboy (Wedding Band)
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Kelso Creative has overhauled our small business website into an attractive, customer generating machine that works much more efficiently. Through his knowledge of web design and search engine optimization, I have already seen improvements in our search rankings in only a very short time.
Becky Married Me (Celebrant)
Becky Married Me (Celebrant)
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I run a small sole-operator business and Brendan helped me to optimise my SEO. Now I’m ranking on the front page of Google, and getting more inquiries than ever before - and I haven’t had to pay for any ads!
Julia (Vintage Peacock Wedding Hire)
Julia (Vintage Peacock Wedding Hire)
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My website has a ton of content and is user friendly on both PC and mobile. Brendan went above and beyond adding his clever wording and genius idea of creating a shopping experience within my 'hire shop' where clients can add items to their cart.

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