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The Story of Kelso Creative (Newcastle Digital Marketing Agency)

Hey! It’s Brendan here. Let me tell you about the story of Kelso Creative. It started after completing graduating from my uni degree in law (honours) and public relations. Like many graduates, I was wondering one question – ‘So, what now?’

I saw an opportunity to approach digital marketing from a fresh perspective. This was informed by a unique blend of my official education and experience as an entrepreneur.

There was a need in the marketplace for an agency that clearly outlines the benefits of digital marketing. Unfortunately, most digital agencies were frustratingly vague about WHAT they actually do. If I was confused, what hope would others have?

That’s why I don’t bore our clients with the complicated technical tasks of digital marketing. They just want to know how their lives will change after investing in our services. After all, if YOU really wanted to learn about digital marketing – you’d do it yourself, right?

The reality is – most small businesses feel overwhelmed and overworked.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day to ‘do it all’. And, with all the options and information available to us, it’s never been harder to manage everything.

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